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Главная » 2009 » Март » 12 » The gun’z ballad
The gun’z ballad


Now Im feeling like, like I never hold a mice

Lead a fast life in the motherfucker dike

Full of shots and slim holez,shits in the bed and my pink ballz

Bad-quality tattoo, bad and old hoo, and all life like in a stew

Shot by shot and that I got!, respect which already reject ( ha-ha)

Crazy school is still breathe, in the basement shit-bombs still realize

My school teacher has put me two,Because I've shot down its favourite bear in a zoo (ha-ha)

I record my shit on Age-music, one, two lyric and I lose it

My ruby on my chin fucks up me,

But at this reason if you put me in pussy you can't stop me

Yeah slut gives a suck me

Put me unwind the can of worms, and I receive my deserved terms

Two of us me and my rubber girls, we're fucking without condoms

I go bananas I fucked the umbrella of rihana's

Put Jay-z's pride on knees,did'em my ass to kiss

I'm a hood soldier in my heart,the pain in the chest so smart

If I pull out the dum-dum bullet, then I can fuck any pullet ( Oeyye)



But sometimes I think the fight in my military mind isn't right,

But if die 2night, don't worry on heaven with me all will be alright

But I'm not stoppin', i'm still fight, in this motherfucker devil's night

in this time one iron word at time worse than any weapon,

Because I'm a rapper, who's stepping, who's begin to prepping

Sharpen my accent; I continue, not but what, I feel so spent

Because, bitch ain't love you,

Some depression in my head, some pussys collection under my bed (c'omon)

Some fools in band, some bad rules which impossibly understand

And other shit who surrounds me, any joke, trick and skit, which around me

It’s not fit, it's not beep, I am mad because I have not any jeep  beep-beeep

Driving wild when I see the twelve-year mother with baby-child

I'm sure this girl never smiled, and she's already in police station filed

I'll bribe all cops, cause I know all these patriotic nuts I hear something SHOT_SHOTS

and I sing that I write And I write that I see hi-hi


Some new shit for this motherfucker beat

This is music which you can't stop it

And you'll get a defeat, if u don't agree with it

You pay the life,if u accept you got back your crazy wife

My homies are armed, and we always police harmed

If the bank is alarmed, we never give up disarmed

We never been get on the floor, some homie prepared the plan of back door

We bugger off before the cops can us catch off

All know the Niggaz get money, if don't know it, you're funny

We’re taking hits; we're taking good girlz with big tits

Shooting on everybody cuz we're permiting this

if it's done smoothly, silencers on the uzi

Jewelry shop got security, the troop of sissy

Our problems fuck these maids and to steal jewelry

But we must do this without foolery

Because I'm a husler, and you're not,

Cause I'm a gangster and you were spot

The money which I got, this incident you must forgot

You can invite the swat, I kill 'em, thank's a lot

Call the all army, I kill 'em too.

And you back to mommy. Stupid faggot




And I smoke good shit

And all I need a good gun and a little beat

This is it, for stun, for some cheat

Cause I'm a discreet, and try to outrun

My enemies are envious and still none

Whatever you done










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